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Delicious Hydration for Your Family." Kirin Sekai no Kitchen Kara Salty Lychee

Inspired by the wisdom of Thai "Loi Krathong" traditions combining salt and fruit, Kirin Sekai no Kitchen Kara Salty Lychee is a refreshing beverage blending lychee with Okinawan sea salt. It's the perfect drink for rehydration, offering a tasty balance of electrolytes and water (contains 0.11g of salt per 100ml, ideal for summer hydration).

For daily hydration and replenishing fluids and electrolytes after sweating, choose this delicious drink.

"At Sekai no Kitchen Kara," homes around the world are visited to learn their delicious wisdom and techniques. These unique ingredients and recipes are brought back to the kitchen, creating new and delightful flavors.

(Per 100ml): Protein 0g, Fat 0g, Salt 0.11g, Sodium 44mg