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GOON Tape Type - size L UNISEX (54pcs)

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 Nappy Tape Type - Size L (9-14kg) 54pc 

GOON Nappies features:

  1. Ultra-dry embossed top sheet ensures a dry surface, as it directs moisture away from your baby's bottom. This feature also limits / prevents leaks from the nappy back.
  2. New! Soft & Dry outer mesh sheet pushes heat and vapor of urine through the sheet more quickly and keeps baby's bottom dryer.
  3. Nappy structure incorporates a soft, fluffy, vitamin E infused texture, and a unique 3D shape, to reduce direct skin contact and avoid irritation.
  4. Colour change wetness indicator on all nappy sizes.
  5. Shirred waist and sides
  6. 14 different animal designs
  7. Breathable backing
  8. Deodorizing effect

Guide: Size Chart

S (4-8kg) M (6-11kg) L (9-14kg) XL (12-20kg) XXL (13-25kg)