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GOON Summer - size L Pants Girl (44pcs)

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Nappy Pants Type - Size L (9-14kg) 44pc 

GOON Nappies features:

Stretchy and ultra dry for freedom of movement (Refer to diagram 2)

  1. Ultra-dry absorbent material keeps both its surface and your baby's bottom dry. GOON's dry surface sheet keeps wetness away from the skin, because its design prevents moisture already absorbed inside the diaper from being reintroduced back towards your baby’s skin.
  2. New! Soft & Dry outer mesh sheet put wet through and keeps baby's bottom dry.
  3. Stretchy structure is suited for lots of movement and flexibility.
  4. Roll up tape equals a no-mess clean up, and easy disposal.

* The absorbent core is positioned at the front for boys and at the center for girls.

Guide: Size Chart

S (4-8kg) M (6-11kg) L (9-14kg) XL (12-20kg) XXL (13-25kg)