Languly- Langue De Chat Cookei (Hokkaido Milk Cream)

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Nestled within fine langues de chat pastry is a silky milk cream, infused with the richness of Hokkaido-produced milk.


The Secret of Deliciousness:

  • Crafted with Hokkaido-sourced cane sugar.
  • Meticulously adjusting both oven temperature and humidity to harmonize with the dough's essence during baking. Resulting in the tantalizing "Brown Edge," a signature of exquisitely baked langue de chat.
  • Embracing our unique "Two-Stage Egg Incorporation Method (Ito Seika Original Method)," where the dough-mixing process is meticulously enhanced, yielding a luxuriously smooth and refined texture.

Wheat flour (domestically produced), Semi-sweet chocolate (sugar, vegetable oil, cocoa, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, skimmed milk powder), Cane sugar (produced in Hokkaido), Margarine, Shortening, Chicken eggs, Egg white, Salt/Emulsifier, Flavoring (contains wheat, eggs, milk components, and soybeans in some portions)

This product contains the following allergens:
Wheat, Eggs, Milk components, Soybeans

Nutritional Information *Per Piece

Energy Protein Fat Carbohydrates Salt Equivalent
58kcal 0.6g 3.4g 6.3g 0.05g