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MARUCHAN Indulge in a Satisfying Bowl Series - Instant Miso Ramen 5 Packs (83g per pack, 5 servings)

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A miso-flavored ramen enriched with two types of miso, aromatic vegetables, and ginger. The round noodles are crafted with 30% Hokkaido wheat flour, offering a soft texture and a smooth surface. *The percentage of Hokkaido wheat flour used is in reference to the primary ingredient (wheat flour) in this product, and not among all ingredients (including salt and seasoning). The miso-based soup features two types of miso, aromatic vegetables, and ginger, complemented by the addition of green onions. Enjoy a timeless, classic ramen flavor that never grows old.

Product Concept

Indulge in a Satisfying Bowl" is an exclusive product available in the Hokkaido and Tohoku regions, delivered from a Hokkaido factory. With affordability and the concept of delivering a delightful and fulfilling ramen experience, this instant noodle in a pouch offers a timeless, classic flavor that never gets old.

Product Overview

The standout feature is the round noodles with a soft texture and smoothness. The packaging design aims to convey a sense of approachability and warmth, and the product is crafted at the Hokkaido factory. This new brand is meant to be cherished by everyone in the Hokkaido and Tohoku regions.


Fried Noodles (Wheat Flour [Domestically Produced], Vegetable Oil, Refined Lard, Salt, Plant-Based Protein, Egg White), Seasoning Mix (Salt, Miso, Sugars, Spices, Pork Extract, Hydrolyzed Protein, Powdered Vegetables, Chicken Extract, Powdered Fat, Vegetable Oil, Green Onions), Seasoning (Amino Acids, etc.), Calcium Carbonate, Caramel Color, Alkaline Agent, Antioxidant (Vitamin E), Emulsifier, Flavors. (Contains Wheat, Egg, Dairy, Soy, Chicken, Pork).

Country of Origin: Japan

Allergens: Wheat, Dairy, Egg

A classic miso ramen with a standard, timeless flavor.