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Okamoto Zero Two (Standard Lubricant) Regular Size Safety Sheath (6 pc)

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Measurement of Okamoto Safety Sheath '002' (Zero Two)

Okamoto's Safety Sheath 'Zero Two (0.02)' exemplifies precision through a meticulous three-point measurement process. Conforming to ISO standards (ISO23409:2011), it measures the top thickness at 30 millimetres from the tip, the centre thickness precisely at the midpoint, and the bottom thickness at 30 millimetres from the base. This technique, known as the 'three-point measurement,' sets a pioneering benchmark in the industry.

'002 (Zero Two)' attains a remarkable uniform thickness of approximately 0.02 millimetres through this method, ensuring consistent quality and safety.

Softness of Okamoto Safety Sheath '002'

Experience an exceptional level of softness with Okamoto's Safety Sheath '002 (Zero Two).' It offers a comfortable, snug fit during use, enabling an immersive warmth and heightened sensation.

Uniform Thickness of Okamoto Safety Sheath '002'

'002 (Zero Two)' maintains unwavering thickness from its base to the tip. With a consistent thickness of approximately 0.02 millimetres throughout, it elevates sensitivity during use.

Safety Assurance of Okamoto Safety Sheath '002'

Prior to release, Okamoto's Safety Sheath '002 (Zero Two)' undergoes rigorous internal inspections, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to safety. It must pass multiple stringent tests before being deemed ready for shipment.

  • Country of Origin: Japan
  • Material: waterborne polyurethane dispersion
  • Size: Regular  (Approx Diameter: 33mm Thickness: 0.02mm Length: 17.5cm)
  • Lubricant: Standard Type
  • Shape:   
  • Colour: Clear
  • Medical Device Registration (Approval) Number: 21700BZZ00193A02
  • Contents: 6 pieces
  • 0.02mm thickness
  • Box Size (Width × Height × Depth in mm): 76 × 126 × 26
  • Made of waterborne polyurethane dispersions, suitable for individuals with latex allergies.