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SHIMAYA Konbu Dashi (1kg)

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シマヤ 昆布だしの素 - SHIMAYA KOMBU DASHI NO MOTO 1KG Kombu Dashi is a good source of glutamic acid, an amino acid responsible for umami. Umami is the Japanese word used for one of the five basic tastes in addition to salt, sweet, sour, and bitter, discovered in 1908. Kombu is used extensively in Japanese cuisines as one of the three main ingredients needed to make dashi, a soup stock. INGREDIENTS flavour enhancer: E621, salt, glucose, kelp powder, suger, flavour enhancer: E635, kelp extract (dextrin, kelp eextract, flavour enhancer: E621, salt) NUTRITIONAL Per 100g Energy 875kj/206kcal Fat 0.0g - of which saturates 0.0g Carbohydrate 31g - of which sugar 19g Protein 19g Salt 46.3g