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SHISEIDO FINO - Hair Mask (230g) プレミアムタッチ 浸透美容液ヘアマスク

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SHISEIDO fino Hair Mask (230g) Premium Touch Penetration Beauty Liquid Hair Mask This is a hair mask that provides smoothness from roots to tips. This product was made especially for damaged hair. Shiseido Fino Premium Touch Hair Treatment Mask helps to repair dry and damaged hair. Formulated with Royal Jelly Extract and PCA to moisturize and nourish hair Seven essences work to strengthen and repair hair from root to tip Results in healthy and shiny hair プレミアムタッチ 浸透美容液ヘアマスク (230g)髪に浸透美容液 なめらかな髪に仕上げるヘアトリートメントいたみきった毛先まで、まるで根もとと同じくらいなめらかな髪に仕上げます。とろけるように髪になじみ、髪1本1本を美容液成分で満たします。特に傷んだ髪用です。