SUKIYAKI SET with FullBlood Australian Premium Wagyu Slice (mb7-8+)

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A special creation in collaboration with Hot Pot Story ( Enjoy SUKIYAKI with Full Blood Australian PREMIUM Wagyu Slice to paired with our exclusive Sukiyaki sauce for your enjoyment at home. This set is catered for 2 persons to share. This Sukiyaki Set includes: PREMIUM FULLBLOOD WAGYU (mb 7-8+) 400g VEGETABLE PLATTER - Assortment of Vegetables, Mushrooms and Tofu SUKIYAKI SAUCE 500ml The Vegetable products come Chilled and the Wagyu Slices come frozen. Please note this Meal Set is intended for consumption within 2-3 days. For your best enjoyment and quality, please store the items appropriately in refrigeration before consumption.Some products may change due to its availability and seasonality. Product of Australia