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Wakodo Big Size Goo Goo Kitchen Pilaf Mixed Rice with Anchovy & White Radish from 12 months BIGサイズのグーグーキッチン しらすと大根のまぜごはん

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Plenty of anchovy and vegetables are mixed to create a gentle flavour.

<Net Weight> 130g

<Ingredients> Vegetables (daikon radish, carrot, cabbage), refined rice (domestically produced), bonito and kelp broth, whitebait, dried small fish extract, canned mushrooms, salt, rice vinegar / thickening agent (processed starch), citric acid, calcium carbonate, ferrous pyrophosphate

<Allergen Information> Shrimp, crab * The whitebait in this product is harvested using a method where shrimp and crab may be mixed.