Japanese Curry

Japanese Curry Rice


1) Cut all vegetables and meat as bite sized pieces (adults for 3cm or family with kid for 1cm)

2) Preheat oil in big pot, then stir-fly well onion, potato, carrot, (other vegetables except broccoli), meat in this order until soft and supple at high heat. (2-3 minutes)

Ingredients (Serving size - 8 portions) 3) Add water (1000ml)

4) Bring to the boil and skim off the scum.

5) Simmer until ingredients soften with low to medium heat. (15 minutes)

6) Remove from heat and break apart curry source mix into pot and stir until dissolved. (Hard to melt if left on fire.) (Add broccoli if you have.)

7) Simmer once more with low heat until it thickens and stirring occasionally not to burn on the bottom of pot. (10 minutes)

8) Serve over cooked rice.

9) Finish Yummy Japanese Curry Rice!

Ingredients (Serving size: 8 portions)

*Curry Sauce Mix (1 box)

*Meat (Beef or Pork or Chicken) 300g

*Carrot 1 middle size (200g)

*Onion 2 middle size (400g)

*Potato 2 middle size (300g) 

*(as you like) Mushroom, Pumpkin, Eggplant, Broccoli

*Water 1000ml

*Oil 2 tablespoons