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S&B Children's Hayashi Stew Beef Mix 60g from 12 months ハヤシの王子さま 顆粒 (一歳から)

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This is a gentle and mild-tasting hayashi rice sauce for toddlers, free from the 28 specified allergens.

Crafted with the savoury and sweet flavours of four vegetables and mushrooms, it offers a smooth and gentle taste.



Tapioca starch, cane sugar, tomato powder, salt, fructose, shortening (palm oil), sweet potato, dextrin (tapioca starch), powdered corn syrup, mushroom extract powder, vegetable extract powder (onion extract powder, Chinese cabbage extract powder, yeast extract powder), onion, vegetable flavour palm oil, yeast extract powder / seasonings (amino acids, etc.), caramel colour, emulsifier *The emulsifier is used as a raw material to mix water and oil and does not contain dairy products. *Dextrin is a substance made by breaking down the particles of starch. *Cane sugar is sugar made from the roots of sugar beets.