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COTTON LABO Special Disinfectant and Sterilizing Cleaning Cotton Sheet for Eyes (12 pcs) 目まわり専用清浄綿

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COTTON LABO Special Disinfectant and Sterilizing Cleaning Cotton Sheet for Eyes (12 Sheets) How to Use: Each clean cotton contain two thin layers, for exclusive use around the eyes. When using an aqueous solution containing a fungicide soak into the Japanese Pharmacopoeia absorbent cotton, and each pack is individually sealed. The clean cotton is designated for use around the areas around the eyes. It is designed easily remove hair, dirt and pollen. You can use it when you are concerned about pollen, dirt around the eyes, and after applying eye drops. Please do not use this product or people who have had allergic symptoms with chlorinated gin grate solution. When abnormalities such as urticaria or suffocation appear during use, immediately discontinue use, and please consult a doctor or pharmacist. Please be careful for people who have experienced allergic symptoms such as people with allergies or drug rashes in particular. When symptoms such as redness, swelling, and itching may be seen, please cancel use when such symptoms appear. When you get irritation and feel irritation, please cancel use. Please use with clean hands. When it is used on infants and young children, please use it under the guidance and supervision of a guardian. After use, please do not dispose into the toilet. Precautions Contains gluconic acid kuroruhekishijin 0.02% solution. Informal medicines. Note There may be small yellow or gray spots on the surface and inside of the clean cotton. As this is a part of the seed of cotton, please use it in one piece. (Keep the top) Avoid high temperature, humidity, and direct sunlight. Please keep it at room temperature. Keep it out of reach of infants and young children. Use ingredient absorbent cotton, kuroruhekishijingurukon acid salt solution, pure water effect, effect cleansing around the eyes, wiping usage, dosage One pack at a time, please clean and wipe the applied part. When using it, disassemble it and use it up at once. *Because it is wrapped by one piece of aluminium bag, it is always available in a clean state. 目まわり専用清浄綿 24枚(12包) ・高圧蒸気滅菌処理済み。・アルミ密封包装なので、いつでも清潔で携帯にも便利。