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DAIKOKU Tempura Sheet 218×197mm (100sheets) 天ぷら敷紙

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DAIKOKU Tempura Sheet [ Size ] 218x 197mm (100 sheets)Serve tempura, fried food, etc. deliciously!It has been specially processed and has excellent oil absorption!You can enjoy fried foods such as tempura even more deliciously.Country of manufacture : Japan 大黒工業 天ぷら敷紙 218×197mm 100枚入●紙サイズ:218×197mm●天ぷら、揚げ物などをおいしく盛り付けます●特殊加工を施してあり、油の吸収に優れています●天ぷらなどの揚げ物をより一層おいしくいただけます