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KINJIRUSHI Neri Ume - Pickled Shiso Plum Paste Tube (250g)

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KINJIRUSHI Neri Ume - Pickled Shiso Plum Paste Tube (250g) Ume is a traditional pickled Japanese apricot characterized by its sourness and subtle sweetness. This neri ume (ume paste) is packaged in a convenient tube form. Kinjirushi uses carefully selected “Nanko Ume” from Wakayama prefecture which has soft and thick skin. The fruit is carefully strained to maintain its natural flavour and aroma. Add a dollop to dressings, dips and sauces for added tartness. UME USES – Our Ume paste is also an extremely versatile seasoning. Use it to add a nice tartness to salad dressings, dips, spreads, marinades, soups, cooked vegetables, and other sauces. Spread the paste on thick cucumber slices for a nice snack, or even spread it on cooked corn on the sob for a healthy alternative to butter and salt. HEALTH BENEFITS – Apart from being a versatile ingredient, ume paste is also believed to offer numerous health benefits, including an excellent source of iron and calcium, a hangover cure, and powerful antioxidant qualities. STIR FRY – Another great way to start using the ume paste is in stir fry recipes. Try it with some stir fry asian noodles, tofu, and various vegetables. VEGANS LOVE IT – Vegan recipes for lasagne, soups and dressings are all a good fit for the savoury “plum” paste, as well as any dishes looking to replicate the flavour and consistency of creamy cheese. Ingredients: Japanese apricot paste (apricot, apricot vinegar, salt, sugar), water, hydrogenated starch syrup, modified starch, citric acid, starch, vinegar, salt, ethyl alcohol, vegetable juice, monosodium glutamate, natural and artificial flavour, xanthan gum.