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RYUKAKUSAN Sore Throat tablet - Mango Flavour (20tablets) 龍角散ダイレクト トローチ マンゴー

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RYUKAKUSAN DIRECT Sore Throat Tablet - Mango Flavour (20 tablets) Characteristics The gentle effects of this herbal medicine works directly to the throat, healing its weakened functions. Protects the throat’s health, solving problems caused by the throat’s dryness. Works efficiently on throats with soreness, irritation, swelling, coughs and on phlegm symptoms. Suitable for daily use to people who care to nurture the throat. A stick packaged granule to take without water, a cough medicine which you can refresh your throat anywhere, anytime. Refreshing mint flavour. Efficacy Cough, phlegm, throat irritation, swelling, sore throat, and other uncomfortable throat symptoms. Dosing and Administration Take the amount labelled below without water. Wait 2 hours before the next use. <Warning> Please follow the dosing and administration. For small children, take under the adults guidance and supervision.