POKKA SAPPORO Slowly Cooked Crispy Bread Rich Corn Potage Instant Soup

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This is a rich corn potage with the sweetness of ground corn melted in, accompanied by crispy baked bread. The rich potage imparts a delightful flavour as it soaks into the bread, allowing you to relax and unwind


Brand Message

During those moments when a pause is desired or time is scarce, allow for the delivery of a moment of relaxation. Included is a meticulously crafted, deeply flavorful potage soup alongside an expertly baked, top-quality loaf of bread. As the rich soup seeps into the bread, satisfaction increases, elevating one's mood further.

Crispy Bread's Secret

Small Bite Size

It's a small bite-sized bread that can be easily eaten with a spoon. It pairs well with soup and provides a satisfying crunch.

Crispy Aroma


By cutting the baked bread into bite-sized pieces and then baking it again, a crispy aroma is created. This unique aroma is characteristic of crispy bread.

Delicious Soup Interaction

Made from finely textured, firm bread using strong flour, it creates a unique deliciousness when combined with soup as the bread and soup blend together seamlessly.