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[BBD: 31st May 24] SUNTORY Iemon Plus+500 Cholesterol Management Functional Green Tea 500ml

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Best Before Date: 31st May 2024

Experience the convenience of cholesterol management with the functional labelling food: green tea, perfect for daily consumption. Crafted with carefully fire-roasted first-grade tea leaves and aged leaves known for their mellow yet refreshing astringency, it offers a delightful aroma and a crisp flavour that can be enjoyed day after day.

Cholesterol Management Functional Component:

Proanthocyanidins B1 and B3: Contains 2.46mg (as Proanthocyanidin B1)

 Health Function:

Helps lower "bad" (LDL) cholesterol ※ Functions of Proanthocyanidins B1 and B3 


Enjoyable fragrance and refreshing astringency, making it a delicious option for daily consumption to maintain health.


Green tea (domestic), pine bark extract/vitamin C

Components and Characteristics:

Energy (per 500ml): 0kcal Protein (per 500ml): 0g Fat (per 500ml): 0g Carbohydrates (per 500ml): 0g Equivalent of Salt (per 500ml): 0.15g Catechins (per 100ml): Approximately 40mg Proanthocyanidins B1 and B3 (as Proanthocyanidin B1) (per 500ml): 2.46mg Caffeine (per 100ml): Approximately 15mg Potassium (per 100ml): Approximately 10mg Phosphorus (per 100ml): Less than 10mg