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TAISHO Children's Eye Drops (14ml) 大正製薬 こどもアイリス 目薬 しみないソフトなさしごこち

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TAISHO IRIS for Kids IRIS for KIDS is an eye drop made keeping in mind children's eye environment that includes TV games, swimming pool, and outdoor play. It relieves ocular fatigue due to abuse of eyes in TV games and studying. It alleviates irritation of the eyes by disinfectant (used in swimming pool (chlorine)). It soothes itching and blood shot in the eyes caused by pollen and dusts. It gives gentle, and nonirritating, soft sensation of use. Indication: Eyestrain, redness of the conjunctiva, prevention of eye troubles(after swimming, or to wash out sweat or dust etc.), ophthalmia by ultraviolet rays etc. (snow blindness etc. ), blepharitis (running eye), foreign-body feeling by contact lenses, itchy eyes, blurred vision (eye mucus) Dosage and administration: Under 15 years: Instill 2 to 3 drops per dose 3 to 6 times daily. Comply with the prescribed dosage and administration instructions. When allowing children to use the medicine, a guardian must be present to watch and tell such them how to use it. Do not touch the tip of the container with the eyelid or eyelash. Do not use the drug when the solution becomes turbid. Do not use the drug when you are wearing soft contact lenses. Use this only as an eye drop. Made in Japan