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Wakodo Big Size Goo Goo Kitchen Pilaf Mixed Rice with Tuna & Seaweed from 12 months BIGサイズのグーグーキッチン まぐろとわかめの炊き込みごはん

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It's a plump and gentle Japanese-style flavour infused with the savoury taste of tuna and seaweed.

<Net Weight> 130g

<Ingredients> Vegetables (carrot, daikon radish, burdock root, snap peas), refined rice (domestically produced), bonito and kelp broth, canned tuna, soy sauce (contains wheat and soybeans), sugar, scallop extract, rice vinegar, dried wakame seaweed / thickening agent (processed starch), calcium carbonate, citric acid, ferrous pyrophosphate <Allergen Information> Wheat, soybeans

<Allergen Contamination> Shrimp, crab * The wakame seaweed in this product is harvested using a method where shrimp and crab may be mixed.