All Meats

At Mottomart, we always strive to provide you with more. We share with you the experience of meat purveyors, butchers and chefs who work within an exclusive network that serves some of the top restaurants in Sydney. To ensure we meet your culinary needs, we have a wide array of cuts not limiting to steak cuts, barbeque cuts and sliced cuts. Our products have been carefully selected to cater towards your preferences and methods of cooking.

Our premium selection of cuts, found only in your favourite restaurants or boutique butchers, are readily available to you. Your order is only prepared after you have placed your order. Unique to Mottomart is our BBQ cuts where you can enjoy the experience of Yakiniku in the comfort of your own home.

Most of our beef selection is centred upon Wagyu because of its marbling qualities and taste characteristics. We have a strong commitment to provide you with the highest quality beef that is competitively priced. Our commitment goes to the extent of selecting from Australia's top Wagyu breeders. This practice is important because the breeder's stringent process of feeding, caring and selecting Wagyu will affect its quality. We are currently working with 2GR, Master Kobe and Macquarie Wagyu.

At the pinnacle of beef is Japanese Wagyu. From time to time, we will import them in limited quantities, and will inform you of their availability for purchase on our website. If you are interested in finding more, we have a page dedicated towards growing your understanding of Wagyu.