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Calling All Clever Cats

Catpak believe caring for furry family should be neater, cleaner, and organic. Join the clever cats making life easy breezy. Play peek-a-boo, do the doo, and keep it fresh, stylish, and natural. Now that's clever.

Why Mottomart Choose this product

Mottomart has always adhered to the business philosophy of sustainable development. Catpak's advanced ideas and unique mineral materials give us full room for imagination

Pet Friendly & Environment Friendly

Mottomart hopes to make an effort to protect our environment with Catpak, and also hopes to provide another choice for our lovely pets


A movement towards a sustainable, changing collective that is thinking forward.This brand represents a better way to create that step forward in life with the love of cats and the world.A sense that something new is in progress, and the world is changing.A leading edge that changes things for the better.

New Product Promotion

What are you waiting for, quickly give the cat a lovely house, plus two bags of 3L cat litter, let them give you a lazy hug as a heart-warming reward

New Product Arrived

6L premium packaging, as your long-term choice