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AKAGI Hiyamugi 20/270g

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Akagi dried hiyamugi noodles are a fine Japanese wheat noodle, which sit between udon noodles and somen noodles in size. Serve the hiyamugi noodles in a similar way to somen or udon noodles. To cook the dried hiyamugi noodles Bring a pan of water to boil (for 90g noodles use 1l of water) Add noodles to the pan and stir occasionally Simmer for 4-6 minutes or until soft Drain and wash immediately in cold water. Serve warm in soup or cold with udon dipping sauce (tsuyu), a blend of dashi stock, soy sauce and sweet mirin rice wine. Producer Akagi makes its noodles in Gunma Prefecture in central Japan, an area famous for its climate, abundant water and quality of wheat. The producer named itself 'Akagi' after the highest mountain in the district. This Joshu range of noodles is made according to traditional Japanese recipes, and packed in recycled paper packaging. Ingredients: Wheat flour (65%), water, salt