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FUTABA Don Don Katsuo Tsuyu - Soy Sauce and Bonito DASHI soup base 1.8L

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Japanese Name: 鰹 つゆAn authentic all-purpose soup made by blending plenty of bonito flakes with soya sauce. Concentrated seasoning with authentically-brewed soy sauce and plenty of real Bonito dashi. Just lighten with water to create professional flavour in a variety of dishes. Excellent for not just Soba dipping but also for rice, soup, or many simmering dishes. You can easily make full-bodied soup just by diluting this product. Recipes for soba soup for 4 servings Buckwheat Noodle (Dried Noodle)・・・4 servings (400g) 【Cold Dipping Sauce】DonDon series Katsuo Tsuyu 80ml , Water 320ml 【Hot Noodle Soup】DonDon series Katsuo Tsuyu 160ml, Water 1120ml 【Condiments】Chopped Green Onion, Dried Seaweed (Nori), Wasabi, Tempura