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FUTABA Don Don Shiro Tsuyu - White Soy Sauce and fish dashi Stock 1.8L

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Japanese Name: 白つゆ Light-coloured seasoning with white soy sauce and blended fish dashi such as Bonito, Macherel, and Sardine. It will enhance the natural flavour and colour of cooking ingredients. Excellent compatibility with egg dishes. Make Chawanmushi Egg Custard in 4 simple steps Ingredients:- 2 eggs- 300ml water- 25ml Futaba Shiro Tsuyu- Own ingredients (optional) 1. Mix 2 eggs, 300ml water and 25ml of Futaba Shiro Tsuyu into a bowl. 2. Stir the egg mixture well. * Add your ingredients like mushrooms or prawns, etc into the mixture (optional) 3. Sieve egg mixture into a small bowl or cup. 4. Cover with lid or a foil/cling wrap over the bowl. 5. Steam the eggs for about 10 mins using low heat and is ready to be served.