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KAO Success Scalp Massage & Cleaning Brush [Soft] サクセス 頭皮洗浄ブラシ [やわらかめ]

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KAO Success Scalp Massage & Cleaning Brush [Soft] [Shampoo brush]This Japanese hair care tool is unique differently textured bristles that deeply cleanse and massage your scalp at the same time. The soft rubber construction won't snag or pull on hair, and helps stimulate circulation underneath the skin for healthier locks. Rinse and air-dry with the bristled side on top. It is a cleaning brush that can firmly drop the dirt on the pores that are difficult to remove with your fingers, and can massage while washing. Deep cleaner drops to Abra hidden in pores difficult to reach by fingertips. Massage the scalp comfortably while washing the two massagers. Curved shape that fits the scalp. The tip of the brush is all rounded and it will not hurt the scalp. It is designed so that the hair does not get stuck to the brush. How to use: Apply shampoo to wet hair and lather up fingertips till sufficient. Massage scalp with Success Massage and Cleanse Brush and rinse thoroughly. 花王 サクセス 頭皮洗浄ブラシ [やわらかめ]【シャンプー専用ブラシ】指では落としにくい毛穴の汚れをしっかり落とし、洗いながらのマッサージで血行促進効果もある洗浄ブラシ。3種のブラシを採用。ディープクリーナーが毛穴の奥のアブラまで落とし、2種類のマッサージ突起が頭皮をマッサージし血行を促進。頭皮にフィットするカーブ形状。ブラシの先端はすべて丸くなっており頭皮を傷つけません。ブラシの硬さ「やわらかめ」。