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KOBAYASHI Eye Bon W Vitamin - Premium Eye Wash (500ml) 小林製薬 アイボン Wビタミンプレミアム

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Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.Eye Bon w Premium, Eye Wash 500mlContains the maximum amount of vitamins * 1Wash the entire body to keep your eyes clean and healthy* 1 Maximum concentration of general ophthalmic drug (eyewash) manufacturing and marketing approval standardCleansing of eyes, prevention of eye disease (at the time such as after swimming or when dust or sweat gets into the eyes)Eye Bon eye wash is a preservative-free eyewash that washes away any residues, dirt or dust from eyes while repairing and protecting the cornea. Suitable for people who wear contact lenses, go swimming often, or have eye itchiness. Includes a soft cup that fits on your face, but it does not hurt nor leave a mark. DIRECTIONS OF USE: Use 3 to 6 times per day. 5ml per time. Do not wear contact lenses when you wash with this product, and wait for 10 to 15 minutes before you wear contact lenses again. Do not wash two eyes with the same liquid you used for one eye. Do not wash more than 30 seconds. Clean your eyeholes and around, wash off make ups before use. Wash the cup before and after use, keep it clean always. Do not use the liquid if it looks clouding. Use the liquid only for washing eyes. Do not use this product; if you are under treatment, if you have any sort of allergy with medicines, if you have pain in your eyes or if you have been diagnosed as having dry eyes. 小林製薬 アイボンw プレミアム ビタミン最大量配合 プレミアム処方 500ml1日お疲れ様の目にコンタクトレンズの装着などで負担のかかった瞳の健康を考えて、ビタミン最大量配合※したピンクの薬液で、目の汚れやホコリをしっかり洗い流します。瞳をリラックスしたい方におすすめです。※一般用眼科用薬(洗眼薬)製造販売承認基準の最大濃度配合