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KUKI Kurogoma Latte Non Sweet Black Sesame Latte Powder Non Caffeine (100g) 九鬼 ノンスウィート 黒ごまラテ ノンカフェイン

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KUKI Kurogoma Latte Non Sweet Black Sesame Latte Powder Non Caffeine (100g) 九鬼 ノンスウィート 黒ごまラテ ノンカフェイン A very simple yet rarefied mix of powdered Japanese grown black sesame seeds, Japanese-grown soybean powder (kinako), and a touch of salt becomes the base for a delicious latte when mixed with hot milk. We also recommend adding this mix to vanilla ice cream to create your own black sesame ice cream! Black Sesame Latte supplies rich nutrients that the body tends to lack while also being tasty. Kuki Kuro Goma Latte has 6,500 black sesame seeds per serving (15g). Dissolve in milk or soy milk, one cup at a time for whenever you wish to relax. Can be enjoyed hot or cold. Kuki Kuro Goma Latte uses 6,000 black sesame seeds in each serve of 15g This black sesame latte is made from black sesame seed powder, soybean flour, and brown sugar with a light sweetness. Black Sesame has an abundance of dietary fiber, calcium, and iron content derived from sesame seeds. A nutritious and tasty way to fulfilll your body’s needs. Does not contain artificial sweeteners, artificial flavouring, artificial colouring, preservatives, gluten, caffeine, genetically modified ingredients, or animal by products. You can also use Kuki Kuro Goma Latte powder to make your favourite pastries. Instructions Use two tablespoons of the Black Sesame Latte powder (about 10 grams). Mix in 150 ml of hot milk (soy milk, coconut milk, almond milk etc also recommended). Note, this product does not contain milk powder or dairy equivalent so a milk product is needed to create the latte flavor. Serve hot or iced. Product Info Ingredients: Roasted black sesame seed powder, kinako (soybean powder, origin: Japan), salt Net weight: 100 grams (10 servings) Manufacturer: Kuki Sangyo Corporation, 11 Onoecho, Yokkaichi, Mie 510-0059, Japan. Manufactured at the Kuki Sangyo Corporation's Takenari Factory, 2232-3 TakenariKomono, Mie-gun, Mie 510-1312, Japan. Nutritional Info Serving size: 1 cup (10 grams) Calories: 41 kcal Protein: 4.2 grams Fat: 1.9 grams Carbohydrates: 2.8 grams Sugar: 0.6 grams Fiber: 2.2 grams Sodium: 0.01 grams Calcium: 170 mg Iron: 1.1 mg Made in Japan