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YAMAKAN Kanpo Fat Cleanse tea (10gx24) 山本漢方製薬 脂流茶 <ティーバッグ>

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YAMAKAN Kanpo SeiyakuFat cleanse tea 10gx24For the lovers of oily food, we carefully selected beneficial ingredients, such as Eucommia leaves, oolong tea, pu-erh tea, and green tea extract, and blended them harmoniously. This health tea is particularly useful for those who care about health and daily fat intake. How to Drink If the boil in the kettle: into the water or boiling water about 700-900cc put one bag, about 5 minutes more, boiled at low heat, divided into several times a day, please drink. In the case of ice: After boiling out, and the Yuzamashi, replaced with plastic bottles or water pot, put in the refrigerator, please drink. In the case of cold soup: Put 1 bag into the water pot, poured the water about 800cc, will be in cold water down the fat flow tea If you wait about two hours in the refrigerator. It will also be more delicious out overnight. In the case of teapot: put and pop the bag in a teapot in use, please drink put the amount of the hot water you drink. If you prefer the dark eyes, slowly, please hot water to the bowl to the person of your choice diluted Tebaya. Precautions This product, disease or healing by high intakes, it is not intended to improve health than. Referring to the recommended dose of 1 day, please use as not to take too much. It may rarely disagree with. Please do not drink the case. Because it is natural materials raw materials, the color, flavor changes, but it can safely is to use. After opening, please use as soon as possible. Please do not put in the place of high temperature and high humidity. Please keep out of reach of children. Diet, the staple food, main dishes, side dishes based on, let's try to balance of the meal. 山本漢方製薬脂流茶<ティーバッグ> 10g×24包脂っこい食事がお好きな方へ。脂流茶は、脂っこい食事が好きな方のお役に立つ素材を選びブレンドした健康茶です。脂が気になる方におすすめのおいしい風味のお茶に仕上げました。毎日の生活リズム、食習慣サポートにお役立てください。健康維持に。夏はアイス、冬はホットで。11種配合。経済的で、飲みやすく、簡単です。