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ELMIE Toilet Cleaner (400ml) エルミー トイレ洗剤 アトピー・手荒れ性の方も手肌に散っても安心!なのにすご~い洗浄力

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ELMIE non-irritating Toilet Cleaner (400ml) Commodity characteristics: ●Color clothing can also safely use oxygen-containing bleach (concentrated) ●Finish bleaching, deodorant, demycination, and antibacterials once●Strong decomposition of sweat, grease dirt and bacteria that cause odor ●Yellow and black spots, dirty or invisible bacteria that cannot be removed by detergent only ●Baby clothing can also be used Specification: 600ml Material/composition: hydrogen peroxide (oxygen series), interface active agent (polyoxyethylene alkyl ether), bleach active agent Made in JAPAN