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FUEKI Yasashii Moisturising Cream (50g) フエキやさしい薬用クリーム

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FUEKI Yasashii Moist Cream (50g) Full body moisturizing cream to lock in moisture and keep your skin smooth. The cream is not sticky and uses Shea butter and horse oil as ingredients, both known for their moisturizing ability, to prevent dry skin all over. Use to prevent dry sky skin on your face and entire body. Fragrance free, dye free. For softer, smoother and more moisturized skin, look no further than this full-body cream. Formulated with shea butter and horse oil for a mild, refreshing finish that isn’t sticky or oily. Free of artificial fragrances and colorants, it’s safe for dry and sensitive skin to use. Comes in retro packaging that’s sure to be a hit with the whole family: a yellow plastic tub with a cute cartoon expression and a red baseball cap, as well as a spatula for convenient and hygienic usage. Features: Helps to lock in moisture and keep your skin smooth. Leaves skin softer, smoother and moisturized. Certified by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in Japan. Refreshing and mild. Not Sticky and not Oily. Uses Shea butter and horse oil. Full body moisturizing cream. Suitable for dry and delicate skin. Fragrance free and dye free, safe and secure! Suitable for all family members. All Fueki skin care items are free from artificial colouring and fragrances, making them suitable for the whole family. The creams even include shea butter and horse oil for deep hydration. Here’s the full ingredient list of the Yasashii Medicated Moist Cream (“Yasashii” means “gentle” or “friendly”) Major Ingredients: Stearyl glycyrrhetinate purified water, concentrated glycerin, liquid paraffin, cetanol, isopropyl myristate, glyceryl monostearate, paraffin, sorbitol solution, shea butter, horse oil, aloe extract (2), glucosyltrehalose / hydrogenated starch decomposition Mixed solution, natural vitamin E, squalane, polyoxyethylene cetyl ether, polyoxyethylene lauryl ether, stearic acid, methyl polysiloxane, stearic acid amide, sorbitan monostearate, sodium cetyl sulfate, polyvinylpyrrolidone, 1.3-butylene glycol, Methyl paraoxybenzoate, propyl paraoxybenzoate WATER, GLYCERIN, MINERAL OIL, CETYL ALCOHOL, ISOPROPYL MYRISTATE, GLYSERYL STEARATE, PARAFFIN, SORBITOL, STEARIC ACID, LAURETH-9, BUTYLENE GLYCOL, CETETH-10, CETETH-15,SORBITAN STEARATE, DIMETHICONE, BUTYROSPERMUM PARKII (SHEA BUTTER), HORSE FAT, METHYLPARABEN, PROPYLPARABEN, SODIUM CETYL SULFATE, GLYCOSYL TREHALOSE, HYDROGENATED STARCH HYDROLYSAE, SQUALANE, SQUALANE, PVP, STEARAMIDE, STEARYL GLYCYRRHETINATE, TOCOPHEROL, ALOE BARBADENSIS LEAF EXTRACT フエキやさしい薬用クリーム (50g) サラッと、しっとり保湿する全身用保湿薬用クリームです。ベタつき感がなく、保湿力に優れたシアバター・馬油で全身のあれや乾燥を防ぎます。全身・顔のカサカサ・肌荒れに。無香料・無着色・日本製 <医薬部外品>【効能効果】肌荒れ・湿疹を防ぎ、肌をすこやかに保ちます。 皮膚を保護する。あせも・しもやけ・ひび・あかぎれ・にきびを防ぐ。 【有効成分】グリチルレチン酸ステアリル【その他成分】 精製水、濃グリセリン、流動パラフィン、セタノール、ミリスチン酸イソプロピル、親油型モノステアリン酸グリセリル、 パラフィン、ソルビトール液、シア脂、馬油、アロエエキス(2)、グリコシルトレハロース・水添デンプン分解物混合溶液、天然ビタミンE、 スクワラン、ポリオキシエチレンセチルエーテル、ポリオキシエチレンラウリルエーテル、ステアリン酸、メチルポリシロキサン、 ステアリン酸アミド、モノステアリン酸ソルビタン、セチル硫酸ナトリウム、ポリビニルピロリドン、1.3-ブチレングリコール、 パラオキシ安息香酸メチル、パラオキシ安息香酸プロピル