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FUMAKILLA - Powerful Ant Killer Kit (10pcs) ウルトラ 巣のアリ フマキラー ヒアリも退治!超・強力誘引で全滅‼

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FUMAKILLA - Powerful Ant Killer Kit (10pcs) 'Ultra Nest Ali Fumakira 10 Pack' is a pesticide and container designed to be used with bait and container designed to know the ecology of the ants. Formulated with sugar and proteins that ants love. Compatible with various kinds of ants. The container has a barrier-free design that reduces steps and slopes that allow ants to enter in. The inside of the container is also treated to prevent slipping. Can be used on both sides. It can effectively repel nests throughout your home.Caution for Use:● Please strictly observe the specified usage methods. Remove the contents from the container and do not use it. ● Be careful not to accidentally eat children or pets. Use immediately after opening. If you do not use it once, put it in a bag containing the chemical and seal it before storage. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight. MADE in JAPAN