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Ichiran Ramen Hakata Thin Noodles Straight with Ichiran's Special Red Secret Powder

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Introducing the renowned ramen from "Ichiran"!

This souvenir product, crafted by Ichiran, a company dedicated to researching Tonkotsu ramen, after years of meticulous prototyping, truly lives up to its name.

[Fukuoka Thin Noodles (Straight)]

Crafted with a rare blend of wheat flour meticulously selected by experienced noodle artisans, these noodles offer a satisfying chewiness and smoothness. Our unique blend minimizes cloudiness in the boiling water, allowing you to fully appreciate the flavour of the soup.


Day and night, dedicated artisans spared no effort in relentless research and experimentation to create this broth. While taming the distinctive pork bone aroma, it accentuates richness and umami, resulting in a soup that stands out.

[Red Secret Powder]

Crafted from carefully selected premium chili peppers from around the world, this is Ichiran's special spicy seasoning. After countless rounds of blending and fine-tuning, the perfect balance has been achieved.