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KAO Anti-Shrink Laundry Detergent - Floral Fragrance (500ml) 花王 エマール 洗たく用洗剤(おしゃれ着用)

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KAO Anti-Shrink Laundry Detergent - Floral Fragrance (500ml) Using exclusive technology to protect clothing fibers to prevent beloved clothing from damage. When cleaning, it can prevent shrinkage, fade, deformation, and pilling; wool, knitting, shirt, denim, stockings material or inner appearance Excellent cleaning power and improve deodorant and odor of clothes so that they will not easily smell of bacteria Confirm before use: If the label on the clothes is 'not washable' or 'dry clean', please do not use this product to clean the clothes.T Capacity: 500ml (ml) Usage: For cleaning clothes (suitable for hair, silk, cotton, hemp, synthetic fiber) This product is neutral and does not contain fluorescent agents. MADE in Japan