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KAO Biore UV KIDS PURE MILK (Sunscreen) 70ml ビオレUV キッズ ピュアミルク

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KAO Biore UV Kids Pure Milk SPF 50 PA+++ Sunscreen (70ml) Formulated specifically for children’s sensitive skin, this sunscreen boasts a mineral barrier that repels UV rays. Made with moisturizing shea butter, and without additives such as alcohol, parabens, colorants and fragrances. Resistant against water and sweat, making it suitable for active lifestyles. Waterproof sunscreen. The UV-blocking film containing UV-scattering agent repels UV rays for critical children's skin. How to use: As it is a two-layer type, shake it well with a cap until it clicks. Then apply an appropriate amount little by little to spread evenly on the skin. If the amount is small, sufficient sunscreen effect cannot be obtained. To keep the effect, after wiping sweat, please re-apply diligently. When removing, wash well with facial cleanser, whole body cleanser, etc. If it is difficult to remove, apply a full-body cleansing agent to makeup cotton or towel. Apply it carefully, and wash it gently. Be sure to close the lid after use. Major Ingredients Cyclopentasiloxane, zinc oxide, hydrogenated polyisobutene, dimethicone, BG, titanium oxide, water, talc, PEG-30 dipolyhydroxystearate, alkyl (C30-45) dimethylsilylpolypropylsilsesquioxane, Al hydroxide, cyanide Fat, stearic acid, triethoxycaprylylsilane, sorbitan isostearate, methicone 日やけ止め〔顔・からだ用〕花王 ビオレ UV キッズ ピュアミルク 70ml大切な子どもの肌のために。SPF50の紫外線吸収剤ゼロ処方。ミネラルバリア※ で強力紫外線から肌を守るキッズUV。汗・水・擦れに強く毎日のお子さまの外遊びに。保湿成分(シアバター・BG)配合。砂が付きにくいサンドプロテクト。※紫外線散乱剤を含むUVブロック膜◆SPF50/PA+++◆ウォータープルーフ◆落とすときは、全身洗浄料、洗顔料などでいつもより丁寧に洗い流してください◆無添加(アルコールフリー、パラベン(防腐剤)フリー、無香料、無着色)◆アレルギーテスト済み(すべての方にアレルギーが起こらないというわけではありません)【日やけ止め(顔・からだ用)】