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KOBAYASHI Cleaner for Electric Kettle (3 Pack) 小林製薬 電気ケトル洗浄中

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Cleaner for Electric kettle with Citric Acid Cleaning (3 packets)Thorough cleaning once a monthEasy cleaning just by boilingA cleaning agent exclusively for electric kettles.Citric acid cleans white build-up and water stains on the kettle.(1) Fill the inner container with water up to the full scale, and put one package of medicine.(2) Put the lid on.(3) Connect the power supply (plug), boil the water, and leave it for about 1 hour. (4) Remove the power supply (plug) and discard the cleaning liquid.(5) If any dirt remains, scrape it off with a sponge. (6) After cleaning, wash the inside of the electric kettle with water 4 to 5 times. * It may not be possible to remove it depending on the type and degree of dirt.* Discoloration of the container inside the kettle due to heat cannot be removed during 'cleaning the electric kettle'. 小林製薬 電気ケトル洗浄中 (3包)月に一度の徹底洗浄沸かしておくだけの簡単洗浄【製品特徴】電気ケトル専用の洗浄剤です。クエン酸がケトルに付いた白い蓄積・水アカ汚れを洗浄します。