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KOBAYASHI Microwave Special Cleaner (3pcs)

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Simply microwave this sheet to remove sticky stains! A cleaning sheet for the microwave. Contains electrolyzed alkaline water which is great at combatting oil stains. No need to wipe 2 times with this!

(1) Open, place bag on a heat-resistant plate with its steam vent facing upward and put in microwave.
(2) Heat for approx. 1 minute at 500-600W. When heated, the bag will expand and the steam vent will naturally open.
・Do not remove sheet from bag and then heat.
・Even if the bag doesn't swell up, its effects won't change.
・Do not reheat bag and this may cause scorching.
(3) After heating, leave for 1-2 minutes, check that it isn't hot and remove sheet from bag, taking care not to burn yourself.
(4) Wipe stains inside your microwave using the removed sheet.

Handling Precautions:
・Do not use on oven or grill settings, as this may cause burning.
・Do not use on plates that cannot be used in a microwave (plates with gold or silver decorations etc.), as this may cause ignition or scorching.
・If you over-heat, it may cause scorching and drying out. So do not heat for a total of 3 minutes or more.
・The sheet is very hot directly after heating. So take properly care when using.
・Due to the materials, it may cause discoloration on rare occasions, so do not leave in the microwave.
・If used near a gas alarm, it may accidentally set it off on rare occasions. So be sure to ventilate when using.
・Do not use for anything other than its intended purpose.
・Keep out of reach of young children.
・If you have sensitive skin or alcohol hypersensitivity, or are using for a long time, wear kitchen gloves
・After using, wash hands well and care for using cream etc.

Made in Japan

Contents: 1 x 3 packs
Ingredients/Materials: electrolyzed water, ethanol