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BBD: 30.04.2024 MORINAGA Manna Bolo biscuit for baby 34g From 7 months old

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This is a nutritional functional food containing calcium. It comes in a pack of approximately 10 biscuits that can be consumed from 7 months of age to the elderly, making it ideal for small children's snacks.

  • Please make sure to watch over your child closely to prevent them from choking, as there may be difficulty in swallowing.
  • Keep an eye on the amount to ensure that a large quantity does not enter the mouth at once.
  • Do not give it to your child when they are lying down or when you are carrying them on your back.
  • It is recommended to give it along with barley tea or lukewarm water.
  • This product is not intended to cure diseases or significantly improve health through excessive intake. Please adhere to the recommended daily intake.
  • Consume approximately 8 packs per day as a guideline.
  • Percentage of calcium in accordance with the nutritional labelling standards 2015 (for individuals aged 18 and over, based on a standard energy value of 2,200 kcal): 33%.
  • This product has not undergone individual examination by the Director-General of the Consumer Affairs Agency, unlike specific health food.

Ingredients: Potato starch (Domestically produced), sugar, oligosaccharide, egg yolk (contains egg), shell calcium

Nutritional Information Per 8 Small Packs (Standard 29.4g) Per 1 Small Pack (Standard 3.7g)
Energy 116 kcal 15 kcal
Protein 0.5g 0.06g
Fat 0.7g 0.09g
Carbohydrates 26.9g 3.4g
Equivalent Salt Amount 0.013g 0.0017g
Calcium 237mg 30mg
Oligosaccharide not included in Nutritional Information
Oligosaccharide per 1 Small Pack (Standard 3.7g): 0.08g
Oligosaccharide per 8 Small Packs (Standard 29.4g): 0.7g

Allergen Information:

  • Eggs: ●
  • Milk: ━
  • Wheat: ━
  • Shrimp: ━
  • Crab: ━
  • Buckwheat: ━
  • Peanuts: ━ This product is manufactured in facilities that also process products containing wheat and milk.

Cross-contamination information for ingredients similar to specific raw materials (not aware of shared facilities):

  • Almond: ━
  • Abalone: ━
  • Squid: ━
  • Salmon roe: ━
  • Orange: ━
  • Cashew nuts: ━
  • Kiwi fruit: ━
  • Beef: ━
  • Walnut: ━
  • Sesame: ━
  • Salmon: ━
  • Mackerel: ━
  • Soybeans: ━
  • Chicken: ━
  • Banana: ━
  • Pork: ━
  • Matsutake mushrooms: ━
  • Peach: ━
  • Sweet potato: ━
  • Apple: ━
  • Gelatin: ━ This product does not contain almonds, but we cannot confirm that almonds are not used in the same manufacturing facility.

Contents: 34g

Country of Origin: Japan