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MARUYAMA Sencha Classic green tea 100g

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Sencha Classic green tea The most popular of Japanese green teas.This tea has a light and refreshing taste as well as a pleasant fragrance like young spring leaves.It contains theanine which gives it an agreeable taste and possesses relaxing qualities. It produces a sensation of freshness and tonicity with vitamin C./p> How to prepare Sencha: 1. Pour boiling water into the cups and let it cool down to the appropriate temperature:Between 70 and 80° C for superior quality sencha. 2. Put the tea in the teapot. For example, to make three cups, use the equivalent of two level tablespoons (around 6 g or 1/5 oz). 3. Pour the hot water at the right temperature (70 to 80° C ) into the teapot and wait for thirty to sixty-seconds for fukamushi sencha (deep-steamed), or two minutes for ordinary sencha. 4. Pour the liquid bit by bit into the pre-heated cups in such a way that the strength of the tea will be equal for each cup. 5. Empty all the liquid from the teapot. 6. For the second infusion, use hotter water and let it steep for a shorter time.