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MIZKAN Oigatsuo Tsuyu Udon Soup Base Oden, Soba sauce (1.89L)

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Soup Base x 4 condens USA Manufacturing method in which finely pulverized dried bonito until the micro level . As there is no touching the tongue , it was the image of a ' silk smoothness ' in the finely ground dried bonito. Flavor and aroma of Katsuodashi will expertly brings out the original taste of material. * Product Description Tsuyu is one of popular Japanese soup base made from bonito (fish), seaweed and mirin (sweet rice wine). MIZKAN Oigatsuo Tsuyu is manufactured by MIZKAN known as top brand of Japanese cooking sauce. Oigatsuo Tsuyu is based on concentrated seaweed and bonito bush extract and soy sauce, mirin is concentrated soup base. It has a rich flavour of seaweed and kelp.You can make any soup by using this soup base with deep flavour and taste of seaweed and bonito. For Japanese Hot Noodle 1:8 ( MIZKAN SOUP: WATER) For Japanese Cold Noodle 1:3 Dipping Sauce for Tempura 1:5 For Japanese Bowl Dish 1:6 For Japanese Pot DIsh 1:10 Great as a Soy Sauce Substitute.