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MIZKAN Sushi Seasoning Vinegar (355ml) ミツカン すし酢

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All you need to season sushi rice. Make the arduous task of making sushi rice a breeze with Mizkan's ever-popular sushi vinegar, or sushi seasoning. A sweet, distilled vinegar seasoned with the combined addition of rice vinegar, sugar, and salt, this glass bottle preserves the delicate balance of flavours needed to help sushi rice taste light and satisfyingly fresh Simply stir into freshly boiled white rice to get perfectly seasoned sushi rice. Alternatively, use as a delicious dressing on salads. Background Japanese cooking relies on a number of staples; ingredients that are needed in a wide range of classic Japanese dishes. These include soy sauce (for adding savoury/umami flavour), mirin rice wine (for sweetness and flavour depth), vinegar (for adding acidity and using in pickling), and panko breadcrumbs (for coating meats or vegetables in preparation for deep-frying).Made in USA