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PDC Wafood Made - Sake Kasu Face Pack (170g) ワフードメイド 酒粕パック (洗い流しパック)

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PDC Wafood Made - Sake Kasu Face Pack (Wash-off Pack) 170g PDC Wafood Made - Sake Kasu Face Pack is a facial pack featuring Japanese Sake lees extract to make your skin nourished, clear and smooth. Sake lees (or Sake kasu in Japanese) is the remaining yeast from sake fermentation. Sake lees is used in Japanese food and cosmetics. Probably, you have tried it drinking amazake (the traditional sweet Japanese drink made from fermented rice) or in pickles. As commented, sake lees is also used in beauty since it is very beneficial for the skin. If you are interested in Sake lees cosmetics or beauty components, this is an easy way to try it out. FEATURES: The sake lees is carefully chosen and produced by a sake brewery in Kumamoto, Japan. This Sake lees (sake kasu) contains lots of moisture. Makes your skin brighter removing old keratin cells. Other hydrating components like cucumber extract, yuzu citrus extract, and rice bran extract are blended. DIRECTIONS OF USE: After you wash your face, gently wipe your face. Apply the pack and spread on your face except on eyes and mouth. Let it stay for 5 - 10 minutes and rinse it off with water or warm water. Recommended to use 2-3 times a week. PRODUCT DETAILS: Contents: 170g / 5.90oz Made in: Japan PDC ワフードメイド SKパック N 酒粕パック <洗い流しパック> 170g くすみを洗い落として白肌透明感!酒粕エキス配合の洗い流しパック。週2~3回お使いいただくことで、メラニンを含む古い角質を洗い落とし、うるおって透明感のある白肌へ導きます。おうちで簡単に酒粕パックが楽しめる、洗い流しパック。熊本県河津酒造の酒粕から抽出した、オリジナルの酒粕エキスを配合。お風呂は洗い流しパックに適した環境。お風呂は湯気などで湿度&室温が高く、肌の水分量が高まり肌が柔らかくなります。お風呂で使用することで角層まで酒粕パックの成分が浸透し、しっとりとした肌へ導きます。