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SHISEIDO TSUBAKI Premium Repair Conditioner - GOLD (490ml) 資生堂 TSUBAKI プレミアムリペア ヘアコンディショナー

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Perfect for those who are concerned about hair damage. This Tsubaki Premium Repair Conditioner repairs the damaged hair from the core, making hair soft, light and glossy hair where dead ends are smoothed out. Innovative penetration technology inspired by salon treatment technology allows beauty ingredients to fully penetrate into the core of the hair. This conditioner has a fresh, elegant and gorgeous floral fruity scent. For added smoothness and shine, use in combination with the Tsubaki SHISEIDO Shampoo Repair. 資生堂 TSUBAKI プレミアムリペア ヘアコンディショナー (490ml) ダメージ毛を芯から補修し、ふんわり軽やかな艶髪に。サロントリートメントの技術から発想を得た革新の浸透テクノロジーで、美容成分を髪の芯までたっぷり浸透。みずみずしく上品で華やかなフローラルフルーティーの香り。