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KIRIBAI TONG HUI Azuki/Red Bean Natural Steam Warming Pillow for Tummy 桐灰 100%あずきの天然蒸気 あずきのチカラ おなか用 低温+高温2Way 繰り返し使える

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● Warm in the microwave before use.● Warm with the warmth of natural steam from azuki beans.● Fits with moderate weight. Can be used 250 times repeatedly. Material:Azuki ( Red bean )Precautions for use: -Do not use for anything other than the stomach.・ Do not use on areas with abnormal skin (trauma, burns, eczema, rashes, burns, burns due to sunburn, etc.) or areas with fever.・ Because of burns, do not use directly on the skin, but use over clothing that is resistant to heat and humidity.・ Temperature may change depending on the usage environment. If you feel any abnormality such as being too hot, stop using it immediately.・ Do not use this product for people who cannot remove this product on their own initiative, children, and when drunk, at bedtime.・ If you have a feeling of warmth and blood circulation disorder such as diabetes, have weak skin, or are pregnant, consult a doctor or pharmacist.・ Do not hit the same part for a long time.・ Do not use if burnt or torn.